Kansas City Dressage Society
    Volunteering is easy!
   KCDS has lots of great volunteering  
   options for all skill and comfort levels.   
   Volunteering is a great way to learn
   and meet new people. 




KCDS is a volunteer organization that puts on several shows and educational events through out the year. As such we are always looking for people to step up and help out. There are many jobs available to volunteer  and each one offers the opporunity to learn and be part of a great community.

Jobs include scribing, gate keepers, runners, scorers, help with awards and merchandise, announcing, bit checkers, hospitality, and arena set up and tear down. 


Review the Volunteer Manual and contact us with questions regarding any of the jobs. If you would like to sign up you can fill out the form below. It will go directly to the volunteer coordinator. If you have volunteered at an event be sure to check your hours and contact the event volunteer coordinator with any questions.


In addition to volunteering at a horse show members are welcome to come to board meetings to earn hours or join a committee or the board itself. Members can also volunteer to host an eduational event for the new KCDS University.

Reasons to Volunteer-


  • Be part of a forty-plus year old organization dedicated to dressage.
  • Learn about what it takes to put on a horse show.
  • Scribe and learn from the judge and realize they are on the rider's side.
  • Earn your volunteer hours for the Awards Program.
  • Be part of the decision making process by joining the board.
  • It's fun and educational!

To volunteer for the October show click here and sign up!
Please use this form to submit your non-horseshow volunteer hours.
Volunteer Opportunites:

  • Attend a Board Meeting- The board meets each month.
  • Volunteer at one of our horse shows.

Another option for volunteer hours is to write an article for the KCDS newsletter/and or photograph at an area event.  Contact Meghan for details. 

Volunteer Coordinator: 
 Linda McCormick