Kansas City Dressage Society
    Volunteering is easy!
   KCDS has lots of great volunteering  
   options for all skill and comfort levels.   
   Volunteering is a great way to learn
   and meet new people. 

Award Winners

Image #1-Sara McConnell and Linda Landers (right), Sara won several awards in the recognized AA category at 
                Training, first, second and third level. 

Image #2-Julia Barton, First Level champion JR/YR Recognized. 

Image #3-From left to right, Averi Allen, Susan Connell, Bobbi Wojtowicz, Jonni Allen, Amy Gemperli, Lilly
                Schoeppner and Doreen Haan. 

Image #4- Donna Lewis (left) and Mary Richardson. Donna was the KCDS Schooling Show champion of the Year
                 at Training Level and Schooling Show Open Rider of the Year. 

Volunteer Coordinator: 
Annetta Hudson and Linda McCormick