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About the KCDS Awards Program


Please view the PDF below this text block to find corrected information regarding the KCDS Schooling Show Awards Program! The document below represents the most current and correct information. 

KCDS offers Year End Awards for Open, Junior/Young RIder adn Adult Amateur divisons.from Training through FEI (PSG/I-1 and I2/GP) at Recognized shows as well as Year End Awards for Open, Junior/Young Rider and Adult Amateur divisions for Intro, Training and First and Second Level at KCDS Awards Eligible Schooling Shows. KCDS also offers Rider Medallions, Performance Certificates and Perpetual Trophies.


If your scores are missing, your membership may not have been processed prior to competing. Please contact Kahley Fiala (Kahley6@gmail.com) so we can verify and include those scores if they were valid.

New To Dressage!


The KCDS Awards Committee has created a new award for KCDS Schooling Shows this year for our members who are showing dressage for the first time. "New to Dressage for AA or JR/YR divisions will be awarded to members who have the highest scores in Intro A & B only (Members who compete at Intro level but also ride Intro C will be eligible for Intro Year End Awards but not for "New to Dressage"


KCDS Awards Program


KCDS is continuing with the Year End Awards Program FREE for all members! Some reminders

and frequently asked questions about the program:


• Rider AND Horse Owner/Lessee must be KCDS members at the time scores are


• At least one of the test scores must be the highest level of the test (ie: Intro C,

  Training 3, etc.)

• Some of the perpetual trophies have different requirements for scores used (ie:

  require 3 test scores of the highest level from at least 2 judges/2 shows).


 • Each Horse/Rider Combination must volunteer at least 8 hours to qualify for

  year end awards. Owners of horses competing for Breed Show Awards must

  volunteer at least 8 hours per horse.

• KCDS will use the USDF show year to calculate scores for Recognized Shows.

• Scores for recognized shows will not be published by KCDS, they can be found

  online at http://www.usdf.org/usdfscores/

• If a horse is competed in more than two consecutive levels (by one or more

  riders), the rider or owner must declare which two levels should be used for year

  end awards before the horse is competed at a third level.


 Still have questions, comments, or suggestions for improving the KCDS Year End

 Awards program? Contact Kahely Fiala at kahley6@gmail.com

Competition Year:  The Recognized Show competition year runs from December 1, 2016 to November 30,  2017.  

   KCDS Awards Chairperson-

   Kahley Fiala
   Contact Kahley via email at